Women Fight Back!

Learn how to defend yourself without throwing a punch or a kick!

Our women's self-defense program teaches women to defend themselves using techniques based on leverage and natural body movements. Unlike other "self defense" programs, which emphasize violent techniques such as biting, eye gouging, scratching, and groin shots, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu uses armlocks, holds, and other submission techniques. When using Gracie Jiu-Jitsu properly, a much smaller person can defend themselves against a larger attacker.

Having to rely on mace, pepper spray, car keys, or any weapon you may not carry all the time will leave you at a disadvantage. Learning self defense is much different than training to be a fighter. Come learn real life self-defense in a safe and positive environment!

We specialize in onsite corporate events!!


If you would like to have a private "Women Fight Back!" seminar for your group or organization, please feel free to contact the Maryland Judo & Jiu-Jitsu Academy at 443.275.2390 or info@teammarylandbjj.com. Please include “Women Fight Back!” in the subject line. 


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