Kids Bully Prevention program


The key to Bully Prevention is to get your child proper training before he or she gets bullied. 

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Our Bully Prevention program is designed to enable kids to deal with bullying without throwing a punch or kick.

The "BP" Program is one of the most important programs we offer at our Academy. Recently, media outlets, pundits, and policymakers have highlighted the damage that a bully can do to a child -- physically, emotionally, and psychologically. We prepare kids to deal with bullies effectively.

The National Education Association estimates that about 160,000 kids miss school every day in the U.S. for fear of bullies. The real number is probably much higher, as the NEA suggests that less than 15 percent of kids actually report acts of bullying. Kids continue to be bullied in school despite efforts to control it.

The Bully Prevention Program is designed to teach kids simple yet effective martial-arts skills that are appropriate for them to use. At the same time, the Bully Prevention Program also imparts skills to prevent actual fights from occurring in the first place.

Specifically the Bully Prevention program has three objectives:

  1. Boost Confidence: Bullies are less likely to target self-confident children. As your child's martial-arts skills increase, his or her confidence will rise. Our experienced instructors instill this confidence by using positive reinforcement and teaching techniques that will neutralize the attack of a larger opponent.
  2. Increase Awareness: Harassment from bullies can be physical or verbal, and delivered at various intensity levels, each of which have an appropriate level of response. In each lesson, we focus on teaching your child to recognize and respond to the most common physical and verbal bully behaviors.
  3. Be Ready: We prepare our students for every common contingency and develop the skills they need to deal with potentially dangerous situations. When your child is prepared, he or she will not tolerate harassment from a bully.

Remember, bullying is not a normal part of growing up. Help your child develop the necessary tools to stick up for themselves and others.

Feel free to contact us to get more information on our Bully Prevention Program!

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