Olympic level instruction

*The most competitive youth grappling program in Maryland*

Our coaching staff is made up of former Olympic, World and National champions and medalist. JMJC youth team is also one of the most competitive in the country by entering an average 12-15 local, national and international tounaments a year.  

At the start of 2014, the Maryland Judo & Jiu-Jitsu Academy revamped its judo program with the creation of a youth competition team. The group of devoted students works intensely on learning the most effective techniques in judo, coming straight from the Jason Morris curriculum. The team also does various exercises to build strength and endurance for competition.President's Cup

The results have been astounding. Members of the competiton team have won medals at some of the most challenging tournaments in the region, and they even represented Maryland at the 2014 Junior National Championship in Honolulu, Hawaii. Three members of the competition team competed in the USA Judo Junior Olympic Championships in Texas, bringing home one gold and three silver medals. At the 2015 USJA junior nationals in Indianapolis, JMJC MD entered seven junior competitors and the team came away with six golds and one silver medal.  


But the competition team is not just about bringing home trophies. The kids on the team are trained to demonstrate good Judo and show great sportsmanship. They are learning how to listen, how to set goals, and how to be disciplined enough to reach those goals. Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo, made judo part of the school system in Japan because he believed that students could build character and values (along with muscle) in learning the martial art. Our program maintains that tradition today. 


Competition Program

Want to improve your youth wrestling? Want to add a competitive edge in your BJJ tournaments?

This program is designed for individuals looking to earn a National title or have an Olympic dream!

We produce more Youth National and Olympic Champions than any other individual Olympic sport in Maryland 

At JMJC we have broken down what we feel are esentials to producing a competitive Judo athlete. If you are not interested in Judo competition but looking to improve your kids wrestling, BJJ, and even Football this is the program for them. We have broken down our competition program into a few categories to maximize potential of our athletes.

Cost of competition member 2016-2017:

New member fee: $150

Travel Team: $220/month-one-year contract or $2,420 paid in full.  

Uniform: For national competitors they will need to purchase a blue and white gi this cost may vary from $300-$400 a set. Regular practice gis cost around $100.  

Additional expense: Fees do not cover transportation, food, and hotel costs for the players. For tournaments outside of the regional area team members will split coaches travel and room costs. 

Most outstanding player of the Maryalnd State Championships Julia Gould














A typical student spends 90% of their training time on the mats. We use the best possible mats avaialble for grappling. Our facility is open 6-days a week to insure our students can practice as much as needed.




Athlete injury prevention screening 

All competition athletes recieve a full balance/fall risk assessment by the professionals at Optimum Performance Physical Therapy. This comprehensive evaluation helps us optimize monvement potential and reduce injuries. 







Having a strong competition based curriculum developed by four-time Olympian and Olympic Silver Medalist Jason Morris has been the most essential building block in our program. Mr. Morris is one of the most successful American Judo players and has helped produced other American Olympic Judo players such as Travis Stevens, Ronda Rousey, Nick Delpopolo, Rene Capo, Kyle Vashkulat, Hannah Martin(2008 alternate) and Jeremy Liggett(2008 alternate). 

Sensei Morris has developed a youth competion curriculum much like his adult Olympic training program. This Olympic level program is the first of it's kind in the state of Maryland. 



All elite athletes train hard but do they train smart? 

We have designed sport specific exercises and training methods to help our athletes achieve peak performance. Our fitness objective is to enhance explosiveness and athleticism while minimizing exposure to injury. 






Match Review

JMJC has Judo athletes traveling all over the world but no matter where they may be our elite coaching staff is just a click away. In this picture(lright)Alexa is being coached at our facility in Maryland by 3-time National Champ and Olympic hopeful Brad Bolen from his home in Scotia NY via Skype.


Match review is a great way to get the perspective or "fresh eyes" on a current technical issue you may be experiencing with your game. We found that most sport programs hit a wall when it comes to coaching and some athletes outgrow smaller local based programs. At JMJC we solve this problem with multiple levels of elite coaches from Junior coaches to Olympic coaches all overseen by Jason Morris. 



Tournament Planning

Judo is the most practiced martial art on the planet and is the most participated Olympic Sport to date. Unlike most seasonal sports Judo tournaments are held all year long. Depending on the goals of our students tournaments are usually planned out a year in advance. For members trying to earn a National Title or make a spot on the USA Judo elite roster the coaching staff will select which tournaments to enter to achieve these goals. Budget, time, opportunity and goals are always considered when planning out a students yearly tournament schedule. 

Full time instructors and coaches

Most youth sports like Basketball, Football, Soccer, Swiming and Wrestling are made up of a coaching staff of volunteers whom outside of their full time jobs coach. There are many reasons for this but the main reason is because most sports are seasonal. 

Here at the Jason Morris Judo Center our coaching staff is made up of full time, ex national and international champions making this program one of the most elite in the country. 

JMJC (travel team)Youth USA Judo National Rankings for 2016:

Alexa Silao #2 Juv A National Scholastic Championship Silver medal, Junior Olympic Nationals Bronze, Junior Olympic International Silver Medalist, Senior National Champion 40kg (13-yrs old), Morris Cup double gold medalist and Jr. Female most outstanding competitor. 

Zach Martin #1 Juv A National Scholastic Championship Bronze, Presidents Cup Silver Medalist

Nathan Torres #4 Juv B Junior Olympic Nationals Silver medal, Junior Olympic International Gold Medalist, Morris Cup 81kg Silver medalist

Hannah Stoitchkov #10 Int 3 Junior Olympic International Bronze Medalist

Julian Crisostomo #4 Juv A Junior Olympic Silver Medalist, Morris Cup Juv A gold medalist

Julia Gould #4 Juv B Junior Olympic International Silver Medalist

Quentin Cook #3 IJF Male Senior National Sliver Medalist

Eric Skylar #1 IJF Male Youth Scholastic National Champ

JMJC Youth USA Judo national rankings for 2015:

Mason Scruggs #4 30kg Int 1 JA/JF National Champion, Presidents Cup Gold

Julian Crisostomo #1 31kg Int 2 Jr. Olympic International Champion, JA/JF National Champion

Alexa Silao #2 40kg Juv A Jr. Olympic Silver Medalist, JA/JF National Champion, Presidents Cup Gold

Zack Martin #6 36kg Juv A JA/JF National Champion

David Dippel #3 28kg Juv A Jr. Olympic Silver Medalist, JA/JF National Champion

Hannah Stoitchkov #10 30kg Int 1 Presidents Cup Silver Medalist.

Quentin Cook #1 60kg Jr. World Team member

Christopher Alaynick #1 81kg Jr. World team member JA/JF National Champion

Eric Skylar #2 at 90kg IJF JA/JF National Champion



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